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What our customers say...

"Thankyou for all your hard work and advice to keep our pond crystal clear and fish healthy throughout the year! We would happily recommend Hanover ponds to anyone!"
Scott, Hove

"Hanover Ponds gave us a fantastic, freindly service, creating a true oasis in what used to be our very boring garden! I can highly recommended them"
Luke Parker, Seven Dials

"Peverel Management Company have used Hanover Ponds for the last 7 years to maintain the pond at the sheltered housing in East Preston W Sussex Initially re lining the pond and on a monthly maintenance contract. Mr Hood is very reliable and carries out excellent work at a competative price."
Linda, (manager Field Hse)

"We would like to say how pleased we are with the re furb of our pond,the new pump,ultraviolet light and filter have made all the difference,we can now see the fish!!!"
Roy Gooch, Southwick

"Hanover Ponds are on contract to maintain our ponds at our Burgess Hill site and we are happy with the standard of work carried out each month and have extended the contract for another 3 years"
Mitie, Management Services for Amex

"Thank you so much for sorting everything out,the pond looks fantastic and not like soup anymore! And the fish look happy!! We will look at your website for advice. Thanks once again."
Beccy and Shaun, Hove

"The new pond has been a joy! ,it blends in with the garden and has been much admired by everyone! Thanks very much !!" <
Ms O'Dair, Hove


WELCOME TO HANOVER PONDS - Brighton & Hove's water garden specialist *

Let us create the perfect pond, fountain, stream or water feature for you. We also supply pumps, plants and free advice.

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Hanover Ponds was started sixteen years ago by me, Philip Hood, carrying on from my father's business.

Creating an environment in which fish can thrive is more than just digging a hole and filling it with water! The fish need adequate room to swim and grow, be safe from predators and their waste dealt with to stop the pond becoming a poisonous sewer.

The main work is to do with pond design and pond construction, and also streams, waterfalls and water features but all small to medium landscaping and associated building and electrical work is undertaken, including installation of pumps and filters and maintenance, the cleaning out of ponds and re-lining.

I am on site throughout the work as I only take on one job at a time so as to ensure the work is carried out to your satisfaction.

Please ring or email for an estimate today. All estimates are free, as is advice on how to achieve a good end result from what you have to start from. Advice is given on fish, wildlife and planting.

My services include:
 BUILDING AND MAINTENANCE - commercial and domestic

We can build most types of water features:

  • Garden Ponds - made from butyl liner, preformed fibreglass or concrete
  • Waterfalls
  • Streams
  • Bespoke water features
  • Landscape gardening

We also do plenty of maintenance work, including:

  • Water quality checks
  • Pond cleaning
  • Pump and filter maintenance

 WATER PLANTS - procurement and advice

Apart from looking attractive, plants play an important part in maintaining a balanced environment. They provide shade, cover for insects, frogs and newts, oxygenate the water if submerged and help to filter out harmful chemicals from the pond.

The edge of the pond can be covered by plants to hide construction materials such as rubber liner or concrete.
I can provide almost any plant including marginals, oxygenators, most lilies and lotuses and give advice on planting schemes to suit your situation, from formal ponds to wildlife ponds.

 FISH - expertise and advice
I can advise on suitability and stocking levels, and I can advise the best place to buy your fish.
(see Seasonal Care, "Spring")
 WATER PUMPS - supply and advice
The pump should be able to turn over the volume of the pond about every 4-6 hours exepting Koi stocked ponds every 2-3 hours.
The water should be filtered to remove solid waste, also bacteria which colonies the filter will convert harmful ammonia waste into nitrite and then into harmless nitrate. The filter should be in operation 24 hours a day as a shutdown of only a few hours will kill the bacteria which need a constant source of oxygen to survive.
I can give advice on which pump and filters you will need and supply the traditional Blagdon Amphibious pumps and the more specialized Oase range, for filters, fountains, waterfalls and streams. See price list

* Also serving Worthing, Eastbourne and Haywards Heath